Hey everyone!

My name is Laura and I am the Founder of Kinnd. Our north star is to see no lonely people worldwide by 2030 by re-imagining the friendship app to foster friendships based on mutual vulnerability, generosity, reciprocity, and ongoing energy! I started this venture at the beginning of COVID during the loneliest period of my life. Prior to the pandemic, I was living in NYC completing my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia while simultaneously trying to launch the largest women's festival in Canada. In that moment of my life, I took friendship for granted, seeing it as a luxury rather than a necessity. After many months of working non-stop and building no community around myself, I became incredibly lonely which led to anxiety, sleeplessness, and a whole host of mental health challenges.

I am thrilled to share that I've come to the other side of those feelings by remembering and prioritizing meaningful friendships in my life. I have also spent the last 2 years devoted to understanding how to apply my validated methodology for meaningful friend-making to a digital environment and have grown a Facebook community of 12,000+ members. Our app is also set to launch in the spring and I would LOVE to connect with those of you who love marketing. I am not much of a marketer and I'd loveee to hear your tips and tricks! I am a community builder, psychology major, product builder, dance, and deep chat lover! It would be SO wonderful to exchange knowledge and hopefully become friends!

I look forward to hearing from anywho who resonates with this post :)

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Thank you for sharing your journey Laura! Incredible reflection! How can we support?
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Hi, Laura! Love what you are doing. I have experience in marketing. Feel free to reach out if you want to connect some time.