Let Me Teach You The Foundations of Video Editing—Once and For All

I'm thinking about building a live, 5-day cohort for anyone that wants to learn how to video edit using Capcut & Canva.🤔

What does that mean for you?

It means you can throw your middle fingers up to the Premiere Pros, DaVinci Resolves, and Final Cut Pros of the world—for now—and cut your teeth with two beginner-friendly programs that are (honestly) coming for those other program’s necks.😏 (heh, heh!)

You’ll learn:

🎬 The basics of how to use the platforms (gotta learn just a smidgen about your weapons of choice)

🎥 How to make animated title cards for your videos (it's simpler than you think)

🎞 Some hidden resources within the platforms that you may, or may not, know about (hell, the majority of people I’ve talked to didn’t even know Canva HAD video editing features)

And more—including any other questions I can answer, or figure out for you, during this 5-day cohort. 😤

I’ve been a video producer/editor and consultant for over 16-years (YouTube quality, not big budget theater level)—and have heard A LOT of reasons on why people don’t want to get into video editing, or be on camera in general.

I’d love to help clear up any confusion and teach you what I know, so you can produce whatever video ideas you have in your head.

Ergo, if you’re interested in learning the foundations of video editing for your own video projects in 2024 using Capcut & Canva, fill out this survey to get on the waitlist & be the first to hear when enrollments open 👉🏾 👉🏾 👉🏾