Post Roe v Wade, I’ve heard tons of women are deleting their period tracking apps from their phone, because the data could be used to accuse them (sometimes wrongfully!) of harming or aborting their fetus. It deeply concerns me that something as basic and personal as tracking your monthly cycle has now become unsafe. It’s so outrageous and upsetting that I decided to do something about it.

We are working on a project called, a web-based fully encrypted period tracker. Launching in August, the app will allow you to log which days you had your period and forecast your next period. We will add other features later on, like symptom logging, fertility tracking, and more. You will be given a private key to access your data, but only after you decrypt the data in your own browser. This means you have complete control. Unlike other apps, hosted on the Apple and Google app stores, we cannot see, use, or sell your data to any third party, or release it to authorities.

To help us build a robust feature set quickly (time is truly of the essence!) we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. If you can’t give dollars (the recession is real) do share with your friends and family. Many of you have wanted to contribute to something tangible that can actually make a difference to women in more conservative states, and this is your chance! If you’re as frustrated as we are, help us build this thing!

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I love this so much. Thank you for taking action. I contributed to your campaign and would love to help in any way I can. I'm a product manager and mom, so I know how to get stuff done :-)
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How incredible. Thanks so much for your support and I’ll definitely let you know if we need PM help!