What can be a reason a Company Slow at Shipping Products?

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A couple thoughts -1. You should probably clarify if *they* think it's slow. It's possible that they are doing research or other activities that cut into dev time and it's expected, and it's also possible that they don't think this is a problem. (which could be very clarifying for you in interviews!)2. If they're interviewing PMs it could be that they have identified the PM activities as a current bottleneck - if devs are busy talking to customers and prioritizing and aligning stakeholders, they definitely won't be shipping as frequently (which again might be OK with them! Some devs like this work). But the dev team might be anxious for help on requirements and breaking down scope and needing your PM skills to accelerate! 3. They have a broken release process, or don't have any release support activities. Lots of things go into releasing software beyond pushing the button in Jenkins. It could be that they don't have bandwidth or knowledge to communicate new features, or their release process is so painful that they try not to ship often.I would recommend asking them directly though - it could be something really unique!
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Thanks emily! The COO mentioned it as part of discussion when I asked that it was a problem. And they were shipping big products that wasnt broken down small enough. The other thing they probably dont do is measure the cost of delivery and process, number of interactions (emails, meetings, slack messages) it takes to get it done which has room to make it more efficient. Did some reading, remembered the problem COO said plus someone on Product School pointed out and listened to a podcast for 2 other points =)
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@jenged there can be multiple reasons why a company is shipping features. What is slow to one company or team may be fast to others, everything is relative.Perhaps they want to be careful not to break anything? Perhaps they don't want to overwhelm the user with new features? Maybe that's a decision that serves the Product and Dev team somehow, maybe not. Maybe each feature shipped has multiple features inside it. Ask them directly to learn about the sprint planning process, that can give you more insight.
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Thanks! you can see comment above if theres anything you'd like to add about processes to the 2 points I discovered :)