How To Fight Off Your Micromanager... šŸ˜Š

Anyone else dealing with a micromanager? šŸ˜  I once had a manager ask me to write down what I was doing for every hour of the day! Tips on how to deal with them šŸ’Ŗ
The actual worst -_- But this is really about them and their lack of confidence so sadly nothing you can really except making sure that you loop them in everything.I too have dealt with micromanagers and the way I managed them was to tell them in our weekly morning (typically on Monday) exactly what my game plan was for the week (it was great for me too because in a weird way, I felt like someone was keeping me accountable too) and by the end of the week I'd report back to them explaining what I accomplished and how I did it. During the week I'd loop them into any emails I needed to loop them in. Essentially my approach is to be proactive vs reactive so I can earn their trust and they can feel a bit more comfortable with me running my show. So far it's worked! How did you go about managing that person?
Awesome! Definitely being proactive is the way! Especially if they are such a control freak an as you said its their own confidence issue. Well done on gaining their trust! With my manager I flat out asked them if it was something with my performance, they said that they were tying to help as they knew I was overworked. Of course it didn't help to add more reporting work to my plate! Overall I then worked to set clear boundaries and sometimes let them think it was in their hands :p here is my full take: