What do you wish you knew before becoming a people manager?

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All the above and is there work life balance in a people manager role?
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* Concrete expectations of the role. Especially important if you're reporting to the same boss as when you were an IC, there might be some mismatch (i.e. they expect you to do both your IC and manager role, which is obviously untenable)* Strategies for delegation / ramping down your previous responsibilities to ramp up into your new ones (per bullet point 1)* Internal resources / trainings / materials on management. Reading through these and taking all the internal courses will give you a good indication of the "informal" expectations and culture of management as your employer, in contrast to bullet point 1 which are the "formal" expectations
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Understanding the edges of where I can push for change with direct reports. Can I tell them to take some comp time in a rough week without getting signoff? What kind of metrics should I track so we can argue for their promotions? Things along those lines.