Tech companies for climate change solutions

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Here's a list someone put together for job-hunting purposes. You might be able to use it as a starting point?
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Thank you Rebecca - this is an awesome starting point. Much appreciated.
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Here's another food saving one: of course, The Ocean Cleanup: you share the list when you're done? :)
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Love Ocean Cleanup! I chose them for my Birthday Fundraiser last year
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2nd - please share the list when you're done! :)
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I'd love to add my startup, Joro to your list (app to mobilize collective climate action, still in beta)! We're super early stage, looking for a senior founding engineer / tech lead - if you know anyone who might be a fit I'd love to know them.Also for anyone looking to switch into this space, a few great resources are (1) ClimateAction Tech Slack channel -, (2) site, (3) My Climate Journey podcast -