Launched: A new kind of online background check

Have you ever wondered if your online date has a criminal record? What about your rideshare driver or boss?With Garbo, you'll be able to know if a matter of minutes if someone has an active criminal record.We've just launched our beta version which provides access to active records here in New York. You can visit to test it out. f you're trying to get results, search "Harvey Weinstein". I'd love your feedback!
Are you worried about people using your platform maliciously to discriminate, etc ?
Hi Mildred. I appreciate this post - because it is something we are always thinking about here. Our platform is designed only for personal interactions - not for making hiring or housing decisions. If you'd like to chat more, please reach out to me at [email protected]
Curious - what's the purpose of this, from your perspective?
Hi Bernetta. Our mission is to proactively prevent gender-based crimes in the digital age. A history of gender-based violence is the biggest indicator of future violence. We're meeting more strangers than ever before and have no idea who we're putting our physical safety in the hands of. With Garbo, you can make informed decisions about your safety. Always happy to talk more.