Challenges with using ChatGPT in the workplace

Hi ladies,

I have read alot of articles where marketing and customer services departments have found it very challenging to use ChatGPT to increase productivity and efficiency.

I am curious if you have had challenges with using ChatGPT in the workplace and what these have been?

Looking forward to your insights.


Really! I didn't know this. I would have thought they'd actually like it a lot and just the idea of automating tasks/messages etc.Personally, I've found ChatGPT to be very useful and saving me time on drafting emails and content, but I will admit I use ChatGPT to get me going / have a foundation but end up customising a lot in the end. I think now it's fairly easy to spot when smth has been written with ChatGPT if the person just copies and pastes whatever GPT creates.What do you think, Maddalena?
I'm totally with you on "easy to spot", Iynna! There was discussion about it in recent Women in Tech event I attended. And all ladies agreed they value the authenticity of the message coming from a person, especially in communication with close professional circles.
What kinds of challenges are you referring to?
There are definitely challenges, but there are also opportunities. I run a GenAI Learning Circle (Join us if you like - it's free: with a bunch of women all working to figure out how to leverage GenAI at work - we discuss our challenges together and work to overcome them. Some challenges we've discussed so far: 1) responsible GenAI usage (disclosure, ethics, privacy, legal compliance)2) leading GenAI adoption internally3) Mindset - copywriters feeling threatened, older employees not wanting to adopt4) Pay to play - so many cool tools but everything costs. Also, the fact that they are built on an evolving tech that could make the tool redundant in the next version release. 5) Challenges with quality and inaccuracies in outputAnd lots more...Our last session looked at how to design AI-enhanced workflows in marketing and creative processes. Or just follow me on LinkedIn where i share updates on what we discuss. Hope this helps
I’m in marketing operations managing a “gen ai work stream” for the marketing org. My biggest problems are 1)Legal and Compliance making use of GPTs more challenging (I work at a large public fintech), and 2) Actually getting people interested and excited about using GPTs and gen ai. I think people don’t want to do the leg work (which isn’t much, IMO) to get things setup, or they don’t fully understand how these tools could make their lives easier.Would love to hear and suggestions from others on how to navigate this problem!
I’m curious what you are counting to be part of the “legwork” — could you elaborate?
Of course. In our org it’s mainly identifying potential use cases within a person or team’s ongoing work that would be a good fit for gen ai automation, and then working to get setup with an agency or tool to use in practice. Practically speaking, it’s thinking through examples and doing some extra paperwork and probably process mapping.
Yeah, that sounds like the smartest way of doing things, although I could easily imagine a Customer Service department not being able to get budget to hire an agency to set this up for them. And then I could also easily imagine spending money to build something for the wrong use case, realizing it was pointless, and then not being allowed to try again.Does your org allow all departments to do this, or only the revenue centers?
Yeah for sure, there’s definitely some risk when so much for this is net new to so many people.Technically anyone can utilize the tools they want or need but there needs to be a business case built for it that justifies the engineering resources.
I rarely use chatGPT fro drafting emails, unless in the languages where I am not exactly fluent, otherwise it "sounds" so far from my style, that it's obviously not written by me.However I found it useful for the purpose of research or structuring/summarizing information. Or brainstorming the key bullet points for presentation, when I need to combine overall "freestyle" idea with the specific requirements. In this cas3 thinking "how do I rephrase it so it clings" takes me personally long time and many iterations, and it's way easier to make chatGPT do it.
I use it a lot to fix grammar, tone, and suggest ideas. However, like others said, I also end up customizing the response to cater to my goals. I would consider it a skill to be good at chat gpt prompts.