Software engineer looking for a co-founder for a hardware startup

I'm a software engineer at a large tech company working on an idea in the consumer hardware space: tools that empower women. Looking to chat with someone with expertise in marketing / business development!
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Hi. Would love to gear more. DM me and we can chat.Thanks Lata
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Email me. [email protected] I am also looking at a few ideas.
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I am based in London, can I apply?:)
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I'd love to talk @myralukens ! I'm a COO for women-run startups, expert in BD/ Growth & marketing, and how to scale early stage startups. If you want to talk, feel free to choose a time here!
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Hi @myralukens! I'm migrating of my CSO position from my own tech hardware/software since I've come back to the U.S. I'm an expert in marketing/BD and have received several funding offers from investors, but sold the remainder of my company to the original investors. Would love to talk! Feel free to DM me.