Help me plz to validate my start up idea.

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Hey Azadeh!I'm not a parent, but I took a look at your landing page and my one question / feedback is that currently I find it unclear what I'm requesting early access for. eg. what does "advice delivered directly to me" mean? Is it a newsletter? Videos? Are they written by parents? Experts? I think I'm unclear about what I'll be getting for signing up.
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Thanx for looking at it, I will improve wordings.
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This site is needed! I often, when my kids were teenagers, wished for the same! So, some feedback:1/ I am not sure I would know how to pick one of the three choices under What We Offer. They seem like the same thing. Perhaps adjust the wording to describe what each is, WHY they are an offering, and the benefits included. Also if there are any price differences. 2/ Consider having a resource section, with excellent books, etc. On example that I loved the most: Staying Connected To Your Teenager: How To Keep Them Talking To You And How To Hear What They're Really Saying by Michael Riera. That books was gold! 3/ Consider having a forum wherein parents can compare notes without sacrificing the privacy of their child. I often wished for the same, i.e., "Does anyone have a clever way to handle power struggles? How do you keep yourself out of them?" 4/ I would try to get clear on the top ten things that parents struggle with, and include them on your home page. They will want to see, right away, that you have ideas that will help them. 5/ You may need to have some advice (yet not all) sections based on gender, e.g., keeping girls in STEM classes. 6/ You will need to make it clear that online IDs, etc., will be scrambled to protect privacy, like Elpha does if I elect "anonymous". This would need to be default on your site, I suspect. Hoping this helps! Glad to review any time and best of luck!
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Thank you for great feedback, I have just started and just trying to find out if there is any interest for such service. So far, for the solution I have thinking to have personalised advice on specific concerns, etc. using AI. I would appreciate to be in touch and maybe exchange. best