73% of working professionals say they wish they gave more time to exploring their career options.

Here are three things you can do today to help make time for this important work:

1. Find an accountability partner

When you are going at it alone, it can be easy to push off your career exploration. Having an accountability partner can keep you on task. You can use your accountability partner by:

  • Sending them your daily update
  • Hopping on the phone once a week
  • Having them ask you for updates

2. Block off time in your calendar

Between everything you’ve got going on, your schedule can look full. Blocking time for career exploration will ensure you have the space to get it done. You can block out a weekly chunk of time, daily check-ins, or tackle it day by day. As long as you set that time — and stick with it — you’ll make progress!

3. Give yourself a reward

Like any goal, you can be motivated to perform if you know there’s a reward at the end. Set meaningful targets for yourself to measure and celebrate your progress.

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