First Paid Speaking engagement

Today I got the payment for my first paid speaking engagement. It was not a lot of money but, in a year that has been difficult for me career-wise, I´m happy to have this win.

Woooop this is a win! tell us more how did you hear about them? and did they immediately reach out and tell you it was paid or did you negotiate? Either way this is a win and the beginning of a paid speaking engagement journey :-)
I´m outside of the US and it was for a University (Cal State Long Beach) so I didn´t have much space to negotiate but, I´m definitely negotiating next time :)
Congratulations! What a beautiful way to round out the year 👏 What did you speak about and where?
I spoke about the dangers of the current state of technology and politics and how it all interacts with discriminatory algorithms . It was part of a conference at Cal State Long Beach
Congrats!! That's awesome!!
Congratulations, @AnaTrueba - super proud of & happy for you! Echoing @iynna & @teresaman, I'd love to hear more about your journey here -- and, of course, what you spoke about! Lots of love :)
Thanks, Rachel. I met the organizer at the conference and she was looking for new speakers and invited me. Honestly, it was also my first time speaking at a conference of any sort (the conference was called Behind the Screens: Discriminatory Algorithms) and it was such a nerve-wracking but, great experience. I spoke about the dangers in the current state of politics and how that´s influencing technology regulations (especially around algorithmic discrimination). It´s a topic I´m actually quite passionate about. :)
Congratulations!! What will you be speaking about? Great news!
Thanks! This was last month (the payment just took a while because international banking is a pain). I spoke about the interaction between politics and technology and the problems this is bringing up in terms of discriminatory algorithms and other issues