HIRING TECH LEAD @ a mental health startup! ✨ 🧠

Calling all developers! I’m looking for a technical lead who is passionate about mental health and looking to build a product from the ground up at a mission-driven startup. This person would join our founding team of therapists and mental health experts who want to make a real difference in the mental health crisis. If interested, please send me a DM or email at [email protected] 🎯 Must haves - A genuine interest in making an impact in the mental health space and/or understand the experience of a mental health disorder. Most of our team has, and it’s important that we support that experience within the product design.- 3+ years at a tech startup, meaning: you are not afraid of ambiguity and understand that the goal for a startup is to find the product-market fit and to learn from mistakes as soon as possible instead of building perfect products. You may have worked as a Product Manager, Product Owner, Tech Lead, Full-stack Developer, Data Scientist, etc.- Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Data Science or Machine Learning🎉 Great if you have- Built integrations (Google Calendar, Stripe, social media)- Worked for a company in the health or wellness space that had to comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements- Experience in the in B2B SaaS, AI and/or Machine Learning space 💡 What’s in it for you?- Be a part of the founding team at a mission-driven mental health startup - Lots of autonomy. Create a tech infrastructure, product and team from the ground up - No need to quit your job yet. We’re completely virtual and I’m looking for only PT commitment right now- Work with me, 9+ years experience building brands and launching products at Fitbit, Coca-Cola & Ogilvy
Thanks for sharing, Emily! What a great mission!
Hi @EmilyJohnson - as a startup attorney, I can't help but jump in to make sure that when you make that hire you do so with a well written agreement! It's always important, and particularly so in the tech industry where so much of the related work and assets are Intellectual Property. Best of luck!