Looking for advise on creating and scaling an online community

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@AdrianaMont I'm also new to community building, just attended a virtual webinar this earlier this week that was really useful. Here are some key notes I took from the session/from my own research:- Tools: The tools or format to engage and facilitate community could be look very different depending on the needs of who it is for. it could be monthly Zoom calls, a slack or discord forum, or mightynetworks, circle, or FB group. What matters is it should meet the needs of your group- Users vs community members: They are not the same. Community are your advocates, your loyal users. Think of them as squares, that also happen to be rectangles (users)- Content: Content shared within your community should be driven by the needs of your members, so it's important to do research and listen - through polls, interviews, to collect feedback, identify their needs and to adjust your product or service features accordingly. - Models: The space model for communities was mentioned as a useful resource. I can share with you the link to watch the recording once Airmeet sends it over If you'd like :)In the meanwhile I'm also following this thread as would love to learn from Elphas who are experienced with building virtual communities!