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Finding App Cofounders

BrianaBrownell's profile thumbnail
Hi Candice -- Focus on what you bring to the table in terms of cash investment in the business to get it off the ground, connections with early customers, experience in the industry, etc. The way you've written your post makes it seem like all you bring is an idea and are expecting to find cofounders to do everything else.
candicevanwye's profile thumbnail
Thanks! Absolutely not. I’m designing it and doing all the business related things. I’m using my savings to fund it as of now. I’ve also talked to some investors who feel that I should have co-founders. They think it will make everything more attractive to investors in general. My first idea was to pay a developer out of pocket. I definitely wouldn’t expect my co-founders to do everything. I also have many many years as a pretty successful business owner. Guess I could have put more info on there.
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Hey @candicevanwyeI am a tech co-founder, who works with a lot of early founders to help them.I often help clients in building technology products to get MVP out in the market for getting feedback and then again building more and continuing towards the success of it.Hopefully, that helps? Happy to candidly chat about agency tradeoffs if you have more questions 😃Do drop me an email at, would be happy to help you :)