An intern who needs your help trying out a new fitness app!

Hi everyone, My name is Zoe and I am a recent university graduate who is interning with a recently launched fitness app called fitfannie. This app launched during Covid-19 to support ordinary people who have no idea where to begin with fitness and/or just want to get moving. The program begins with a five minute workout video and incrementally increases with time. While the app is tailored to beginners, we are looking for people to try it out for 10 days and to give us feedback. We would love your help in showing us the parts of the app that you like and the bits you weren't so sure about! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!
Hey Zoe! What's the time commitment like per day and do you have to try it out for 10 days consecutively?
Hi! The videos are only 5 minutes long- you can watch at any time you want. After completing session one you get a rest day and then you are able to access session two. Any feedback would be absolutely amazing!