Introductions to biotech / pharma companies needed

Hi, girls, I am a CEO of We make a communication platform for biotech research competitions. How it works: We have a community of biotech researchers, from one side, and product & digital experts, from another one. They assemble teams and compete with each other to solve complex biotech problems. The best solutions’ authors are awarded by a company-customer. How far it is: We talked to 20 companies and 2 research communities (and continue to do so), discovered a need for a Staff on Demand for research and commercial projects, from one side, and a lack of promotion, from another one. Thus, we proposed our platform as a solution, confirmed the interest, made an MVP and got a Proof of Concept with a paying pilot.Moreover, last week, we attracted a partner with a network of 60k medical experts with their own labs. To proceed with the product we need intros to biotech companies in the US for Customer Development interviews (R&D, BizDev, Chief Science Officer).Could you please help us?