Hello! Welcome to The Science Techies!

Students, Teachers and Academics (and curious, we don't judge), all welcome here ! =) Higher education and tech have their own struggles and their own stories and lingo. I created this little community (thank you Elpha) for everyone to share their academia stories, fun or sad, funny and inspiring , as you wish. So tell me Elpha academics, what is a weird or funny thing you see yourself frequently doing as an academic?My dual background in tech and life science keeps me on a never ending doubt of which bibliography style to do.....and i seem to never get it right :)
Sooooo....if I’m not in Academia, but I read and created my very own Mendeley Library full of over 2,000 research papers, can I join this group? Lol totally a scholar....for fun!
Sure ! If you love research and science you’re totally welcomed ! And that’s an impressive collection on Mendeley 😅 it would put a lot of researchers to shame 😂
I think I’m addicted to google scholar lol 🤣🤣🤣