I want to pay for market research/sizing as a service

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Companies often pay the classic consulting companies to do analysis like this. And actually spend quite a bit of money on this. I am not sure, how startups do it, but I am sure there is companies out there servicing this. However, as a startup founder myself, I find it very difficult to find service providers that are "worth their money", especially when you are trying to be efficient with your resources.I was a partner in a small management consulting company in my pre-founder life and have done my fair share of market research / sizing as part of my projects. I also enjoy this type of work and it is one of the areas that I feel confident in now as a founder. I am happy to look at your situation and maybe I can help you get started and/or point you in the right direction. DM me or send me an email to petra@readysetdinner.com.I am also always interested in connecting with other founders and sharing experiences. :-)