STRUGGLING to find a coach.

would love recommendations. I've been on the search for a CEO coach for months now.

I'm looking for a coach with vastly different life experience than me. I'm not looking for a "life coach" (I have a therapist for that part)

As a new CEO of a new company I'm searching for someone with :

  • Experience working with technology startup founders (not just enterprise level CEOs)
  • Experience mentoring and advising startup CEOs (in accelerator spaces...this is relevant to our business but also a "nice to have"
  • Someone I can be COMPLETELY honest with about my concerns and fears surrounding the company and my ability.
  • Courage. I love a truth teller and an not easily offende. I'd love to have a rapport with a coach that facilitates this (I recognize this is a two way street)

if anyone has had a good experience with a coach who fits these the profile above I'd love a rec.