Anybody knows Venezuelan or other LatinX coders

Hi There. I graduated from CS in Venezuela and won a National Award which paid for my Masters at Stanford. I am looking forward to helping my country and community of fellow engineers. Ping me if you are interested in coding a marketplace in React, Typescript for consumer, in a space with TAM of $6.8 Billion, or to learn more about the space.
Hi @mariaragoneb - I am also from Venezuela and a front-end developer. Is this project still ongoing?
Hi @kattybarroso. The project is evolving to post-COVID area, and I would love to chat with you. Can you send me an email at [email protected] ? We can connect that way.
Hey! I’m from Caracas but grew up in the US, I’d love to connect with more Venezuelan coders as well or contribute to any projects out there. I’m in the Bay Area. :-)
Hi IngridNice to meet you. Any chance we can connect in linkedln or by email? My email is: [email protected] Send me an email to get back to you