home-office and could do it too?

In my opinion, I believe that the home office career is the solution for many working mothers in the my case it was the solution of my problems..

Because having a child you will have to take him to the doctor, he needs attention, he needs you to attend school, you need to see what he is eating, what he is doing...

In my case, after I started working from home office, three years ago, I realized that I have more concentration on what I am doing because I know exactly what my children are doing.

Meetings I usually have while my husband is at home to avoid someone calling me or showing up on a videoconference.

I also got used to this new reality, talking to people through the computer, whatsapp, email and I believe that my routine is adapted to this new way of working.

I even see my routine has changed, I can study, work and take care of the children... I work while they are at school or sleeping and I believe that I end up living my home routine as well as possible...

There is still a lot of prejudice in companies about hiring mothers, but I believe that when we have an opportunity, and we show our potential, we manage to stand out within the company and that gives us much more gratification.

Be the best professional you can, work different hours if allowed and show that your responsibility and commitment remain with you wherever you go, this is your character, this is your true professional mark.

This is super interesting topic and one that was very popular during lockdown! I definitely see your point, having the flexibility of being at home with a child gives you peace of mind too (sounds like this is something you really valued too!) I have also heard of women who liked going back to the office because while they loved their child(ren) they also wanted to have conversations with adults and being surrounded by colleagues and just being outside was also a break (like having some me time almost). So do you think it depends on the age of the child ie working remotely with an infant vs a young child (2-4) and above 5? Like working from an office with an infant at home is hard eg you'd need to pump at work (?) presumably, have a nanny at home (not cheap), less time spent with your baby but when the kid is a bit older then it's more doable?I am curious your take on those and that of other elphas who have gone through this!
Hello Yynna! In my case, I have two children (a 2 year old and a 5 year old), and my eldest was diagnosed with speech delay so it was crucial for me to work remotely.Pumping milk for me at work was a horrible experience, I felt that I wasn't sanitizing properly even with gloves or that the refrigeration wouldn't last.I woke up at dawn every day to do things, made me very tired.I didn't have time to fix my hair or get ready, I felt bad...About nanny I was afraid to put a person who didn't take care of or mistreat my children.So, I ended up adapting my friendships, I ended up meeting clients on the internet and, even when I finish my job, I end up getting news about their children and their company.During this childhood stage my husband and I talk more with friends and relatives who also have children of the same age.After the pandemic ended, a lot of people had to adapt the way they work around here too... so I know I'm not alone in this home work phase lol I ended up adapting the home routine with the work routine to manage to keep both in the best shape possible.