Does the AI revolution mean doom for many of us? And what jobs will be needed in the future?

Serious question. I'm a copywriter / content writer and while I'm of the belief that writers need to leverage AI to make their jobs easier (I'm using it because if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?), with how fast it's improving, it seems like I might be out of a job sooner than I think. At the moment, I'm not hurting for work, which I'm grateful for, but things could change at the snap of the fingers.

Understandably, everyone has such different opinions about whether AI will take all our jobs or not and how this will affect our lives on the whole.

I mean, will we really get to a point where we don't even have to interact with each other...will we use a language model like chatgpt for something like speaking to our coworkers, friends, families, partners, just so we don't have to do the hard work?

It really does seem like singularity is coming. Or is there no reason for the doom and gloom around this topic?

A more immediate concern is how the hell do I ensure my job doesn't become obsolete in a few years?

I have more questions than answers...What do you all think?

I'm planning to ask ChatGPT this question later specifically about writers in tech 😆 These are also worth checking out: (don't get scared by the title)And the research referenced:, I think humans and bots will work together on stuff like writing, at least for some time. They aren't trustworthy enough to do it all on their own.
That's what I think at least for the immediate future, but it's only getting more advanced (ChatGPT4 is already out and everyone and their mama seems to be releasing their own AI tech), so we shall see. I asked ChatGPT about whether it will take writers' jobs and it said that it would only serve to assist writers, but of course, that's what it wants you to think LOL
I think AI will assist us to become more productive and, at first, it will feel like a hack and then, it will become the expectation. I also think AI generated writing won't have the same authenticity of human writing. And just like on social media we'll crave life without filters- like please add a grammar error just to let us know it's you, human! Obviously, there is a lot of content that doesn't demand authenticity and AI will speed up those processes, for example I could see it having big impact in corporate legal departments. Mostly, I am excited to see how this will emerging tech will be adopted and I'll be on the lookout for the surprising ways in which its used that no one predicted.
Google's Bard is not quite ready for prime time: already sound clinical without the use of AI writing ("Would love to connect and discuss", anyone?). At the end of the day, the AI that can think and reason from a human standpoint will either be too expensive for most business, or heavily skewed in favor of the people who feed it info, who, if they're in tech, are not likely to be part of the greater population.
I'm also in copy/content, and I regret not building a different skillset, like ... a decade ago, when it was already obvious AI was Coming For Us. I agree that AI can't now and may never match human accuracy, originality, or authenticity—but employers are *already* barely willing to pay for those things, never mind in the very-near AI-dominated future.I get that it's also an issue for people who write code, but developers are at least falling from a status quo of being well compensated⁠—as a writer I know I certainly can't afford to make any less as the value of my work falls.
I found Gates' article on the topic interesting: believe some works will go away, others will evolve. Innovation always implies new jobs being created, so we should be fine.
AI is many things but it lacks human creativity. As a language model it can regurgitate ideas and concepts it has been trained on. Our value as a human being is to create and until AI is sentient humans are the creators. Copywriters and people using AI will churn out content at speed and it has it uses. However if the idea is innovative it needs a human. I am not a copywriter but I think that focusing on niches that are complex where the copy needs to be 100% accurate may be a more profitable and provide a moat against mass AI content generation. Use ChatGPT extensively to create content so that you can point out the value you provide versus the content ChatGPT provides. Yes people will lose jobs, the trick is to figure out how you can use this AI tool plus your expertise as an asset that you can monetize.