What to do if you accidentally offend a client? (I work in an agency)

Hi team,

I think I have accidentally offended a client in a previous workshop where I have run with them and now they don't look happy in any of the meetings but the senior members of my team do not know why.

I didn't intend to offend them and the way I offend them is probably too subtle to apologise via email.

Can I get some advice on how to resolve this problem please? Any advice would be appreciated. 🙏

Hey, so it sounds like some assumptions and/or speculation is being made about a client being offended.Has anyone checked in with the client by phone / video chat? Sometimes we read into things and later find out that it wasn't that big of a deal or they're upset about something that has nothing to do with us (like something bad personally is bothering them).If no one has done it yet, why not ask the client how they think the workshop went? That gives them an open-ended way to provide feedback and express themselves. If they mention that they were offended by something, then that can be an opening to address it. Otherwise, if the team leads with the apparent offense, that can make things even worse. Just think—the client wasn't really offended by the thing you "did," but now since the team is bringing it up in detail, you've now convinced the client that they SHOULD be more offended than they are. And then they get fired up about it.
Hey Keesha, thanks for the reply.I know it sounds assumptive, and I could be presumptive at times. I agree it might be best to check in with the client by phone/ video chat before making that assumption. And that would be the account manager's responsibility to check in which I obviously do not want this to be blown out of proportions if that's not necessary.I am thinking of two ways of doing it. The first way is to briefly make sure they are ok with the previous workshop when we are running the next workshop. I would ask them in a positive tone of voice to make sure that they know we want them to be happy with the way we work together as well as the quality of work we deliver.The other way would be trying to get feedback from them regarding the workshop through email. In order to do that it would have to be sent via the project manager which is not ideal. I am not sure if it is appropriate to reach out to the client directly via email.Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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How about asking from advice from people around you/that you work with? - maybe they have been in the same situation before How about discussing this with the project manager?I agree with Keesha. You don't know if you have anything to do with their mood.And let's look at the worst scenario here and say you did offended them and there is no way to verify that.What did you learn from it?How can you avoid this in the future?hope this helps :)