Need a creative marketer and a writer for our digital health studio!

Hey all! Lightmatter is hiring our first full-time marketing roles. After designing and building many, many digital health applications, we're looking for help in organizing and sharing our learnings across the broader health-tech community.

  • Marketing Strategist - build out our content marketing as well as experiment with other strategies to grow our business.
  • Content Writer - literally just write. and be creative. substack or journalistic style - NOT b2b clickbait or listicles. bonus if you have a background in tech or health.

Let me know if you have any questions!

KristineWagner's profile thumbnail
Hi @MollieFleury, thanks for posting! I'm really interested in the writer position and I have a background in health science (+writing experience). Are you offering referrals if it's a good fit?
MollieFleury's profile thumbnail
Hi Kristine - really appreciate your interest! Best way for referrals is just to mention my name/Elpha in your online application cover letter. 😊
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I sent in my application! It would be amazing if you could look out for it or give the hiring manager a heads up - when I get a referral I usually get an interview, but without one my application seems to go into a black hole :') Thanks again for posting!
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Hi Mollie, I'm interested in talking to you more about the Content Writer role.