Tips for turning a product design internship into a full-time position at a startup?

I’d say they should have let you know if this internship would lead to a full time position or not.If you are doing an unpaid internship, I’m afraid it won’t lead to a full time paid position.Lots of startups take advantage of young or new people in tech by offering a nebulous promise.I don’t have enough information about your situation, but if I was in your position, I’d really analyze the pros and cons for this opportunity, and a possible exit strategy if you are not offered a clear path towards full time employment.
It's actually a very well-paid opportunity, thankfully. :) They said they couldn't guarantee a full-time yet but if all goes well during internship and if everything looks good on their end they may offer a full-time position, which makes sense to me. With this info in mind, do you happen to have any advice? Thanks in advance :)
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Some that I can think of:- Diligent in asking for feedback to show that you are eager to learn and grow- Being involved, as much as possible, in projects that span long life cycles (eg. ideation → wireframes → hi-fidelity → testing) or involve collaboration with different teams, so that you can be as embedded as possible and also gauge what you enjoy!- Establish relationships with your colleagues (eg. 1:1 virtual chats)! Even if this internship doesn't pan out to a full-time role, it's a great way to get to know people and learn about what they do.
Thank you! I've really enjoyed talking to a few of our team members 1:1 even if it's not about work, and I'll definitely look for more ways to collaborate on projects that involve more time commitment
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Thanks for sharing your question on here. I'm a career coach who supports women in tech level up their career. I'd be happy to support you on a short call if you're open to that. to self-advocate to turn the internship into a FT role is:1. Discuss with your manager a potential track for FT, what does it look like, what are the key milestones and points of evaluations are they looking for2. Schedule regular 1:1 feedback with you managers and coworkers for feedback on project work and general feedback3. Collect all the positive feedback in a folder (slack screenshots, emails, conversations) so you have a collection of feedback on projects that you can present to your manager in conversations for a FT role4. Make sure you are given and/or ask for meaningful projects and showcase your work by asking to present your work if possible at the end of your internshipAlso, continue to keep up relationships with your coworkers in 1:1 conversations and let them know your intentions closer to the end of your internships. Perhaps they can support you to land a FT role as well.In general if the company is a good fit and you want to continue working there start self-advocating now so that it's a natural fit for you to move into a FT role. LMK what you're already doing/will start doing to self-advocate!
Hi Hisako94, I hope this internship works out but if it doesn't for whatever reason, I have a few companies looking for help with their product design