A friend requested my assistance to run ads. I asked him where exactly he wanted to ad to run, he said everywhere but mostly Instagram.Well, looking at what he sells, Instagram is a good catch for it.I checked the business and saw myself as a customer who's barely on Instagram, what do I check mostly? Google!!!I told him, he didn't sit well with it but said I can try it. Because I want to avoid 'I told you I wanted IG mostly, you've wasted my money', I spent $0.56 daily on Google ads. The ads ran for 18 days and this is the result.No doubt. the Instagram ads went well. He said messages were coming to his WhatsApp cos that was my CTA. Plus the Instagram messages. But, most requested items weren't available at that time.The audience I selected wasn't the only thing that made this ad work, the content did. Because he is a close friend, I followed up with his type of content for the ad. I went so far as to bring a cinematographer to create video content for him. Wasn't the information I expected but it still worked.