Defter Notes: Digital note taking app for iPad and Apple Pencil is looking for private beta testers

Hello Elpha!Update: Defter Notes is now on the App Store: Thank you to everyone who signed up for the beta, we are no longer accepting beta users at the moment. If you have been looking for the perfect note-taking app forever, you could be the beta tester we have been looking for!With Defter Notes you can take digital handwritten notes deftly on your iPad with Apple Pencil, navigate just like real papers on your desk. It is also designed as a file management app so that your notes, links, documents, and files are right where you need them.If you are willing to test some new features and help us move a product forward, we would really appreciate your feedback. You can sign up for beta testing on the website or message me directly.Looking forward to testing with you!Cansu
You are also welcomed to join our tester community slack channel:
@ctastancan you send me an invitation email at [email protected] to join the community?
done! welcome on board Monisha