Raising funds for my Masters and Seeking some advice to live in Cranfield, UK

Hey Elphas,

I'm Akshara and I'm from India. Right now, I manage Freshworks Academy which is a learning and devlopment initiative from Freshworks to educate our customers and people in the industry to learn more about Customer Engagement. I've been working there for the last six years and I recently decided to study in the UK. I've been shortlisted for the Msc. Marketing course at Cranfield School Of Management and I've decided to take it since it's been my dream to do masters.

There are a couple of challenges for me and I would love for you folks to help me or point me a direction, please:

1. I'm looking to raise funds / apply or scholoarships that are available. My application for the university's scholoarship was unsuccessful (I feel bad that I lost this opportunity).

2. Look for a part time job when I'm studying, does anyone know how consulting or remote part time jobs work? And I would love to talk to any of the Elpha UK folks to know more about life in Cranfield, or Milton Keynes.