Client Success/Customer Experience/Product Intern (unpaid) for Career Tech Startup

Seeking an intern to focus on Client Success/Customer Experience/Engagement

About WOKEN:

  • Company overview - WOKEN is a web-based platform to guide professionals through a step-by-step process of learning & reflection to clarify your ideal career path. From there, we guide a professional through upskilling decisions, improving personal branding, and efficiently job searching to land a role you’ll love.
  • Mission: waking up the world to remember you can and should find a job you love
  • Vision: top-notch career support for every working professional at every step in your journey
  • Accolades - NSF I Corps Grant, NYU Venture Fellow, NYU InnoVention Competition Winner, $10K raised on iFundWomen; Bootstrapped
  • Core values/Culture - We value practicing what we preach (do what you’re great at), transparency, direct/frequent/proactive communication, giving & receiving feedback, iterating processes to strengthen outcomes, scrappiness, balancing efficiency with quality, avoiding the myth of multitasking, prioritizing to help us focus, operations, systemization, and measuring impact.
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Mission of the Position:

  • Ensure we improve our offerings and experience to increase client retention, value, outcomes, satisfaction, and engagement
  • Improve client experience via manual tools and methods (ie what we can implement and/or improve besides for enhancing the design/functionality of our software platform)

Expectations & Outcomes:

  • Proactively identify at-risk to churn clients
  • Prioritize ideas for improvements
  • Test ideas in small ways
  • Implement ideas with impact

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Execute Product Management as it relates to:
  • Run the weekly client engagement process with CEO to track clients’ status and engagement (based on product usage and client communications)
  • Access and utilize various sources of data for client engagement and product usage
  • Understand and track usage of current offerings (group coworking, group coaching, slack, sms, email, one-on-one client coaching meetings, and software platform)
  • Understand current trends and workflows (email, sms, and other communications) as it relates to client upgrades, downgrades, retention/churn, reschedules, and most of all, client disengagement
  • Partner directly with CEO and Head of Product/Design to brainstorm, prioritize, and implement manual interventions to improve client outcomes, value, satisfaction, and mostly, engagement
  • Serve as the main source to oversee and enhance customer experience, feedback, and support

Qualifications & Skills:

  • This role is a Product Manager/Client Success Intern
  • This is an unpaid internship that offers a great learning opportunity and room to build your resume with ability to drive outcomes firsthand on our small team
  • Perfect for someone who’s interested or has experience in the world of customer experience and/or product management
  • Great fit for a graduate student or someone looking to pivot into the product/customer success world or a current job seeker who’s looking for a side gig
  • Minimum 3 months
  • 10 hours/week between 9am-6pm est M-F

How to Apply:

Email [email protected] with your resume