Does anyone know or have been part of an organisation that fosters a culture of fun and play?

Gday everyone! it’s a sunny warm Friday here in Melbourne  Hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves.

We have just created a “fun” committee at our workplace and I’m super curious if you have also been a part of something similar in your workspace (especially in a remote/hybrid world we’re living in). And if so, can you please share what worked and didn’t work?

Sincerely a designer who is trying to bring a little more joy into our 9-5s

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I was in the fun/social committee in my last full-time role, and also consult part-time for a co-living space in Singapore that is transitioning to begin to offer a private club with the social/fun activities (both presencial & virtual), and also am a part-time guide for Caveday, a virtual co-working accountability space/platform. Some things I've seen that work well-1. Happy hours/Facilitated group get-to-know events - facilitated theme discussions in breakout rooms of 3-4 each but also each session with a 20 questions with X, to allow everyone to get to know your colleague X better- super fun. 2. Wellness evening - I teach embodied movement (Qi Gong, Yoga, Somatics) & mindfulness & these are always super popular, most crucial is for it to be catered according to member's preferred timing(s), level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and needs (energize, balance, or unwind?)3. Hybrid events - We're experimenting with this e.g. A virtual cooking session with a start chef, but also have all the ingredients sent to your colleagues' homes so they already have everything they need to do it at the same time. 4. Community spotlight - Let members of your office do a 5-10 min show & tell about a personal project/passion project. We're considering to try:1. Monthly/bi-monthly book club gatherings2. Movie nights - 3. Special speaker sessions - doing a poll to see what topic areas interest your members and getting an expert speaker to teach themFeel free to dm me if you'd like further details on any of these, or if you wanna chat. Hope this helps! Let us know what you plan, I'm very curious and would love to learn from your experiences.