Turning 30 inspo?

Hello Elphas ☺️

This year I will be turning 30 and I'm quite excited about it. I want to be intentional about how I spend my birthday but I'm feeling a bit uninspired. I'd love to hear how others have celebrated the big 3-0!

I was inspired to post about this after reading @mayawatson's response in her Office Hours about how she celebrated hers:

"For my 30th birthday, i sent out a survey to my closest friends, family and colleagues. i asked them -- what do you think my strengths are, what do you think my weaknesses or biggest opportunities are and what do you think is my God given gift and super power."

which I thought was such a fantastic and unique idea to get feedback from your loved ones as a gift for yourself on your birthday.

What about the rest of you? Did you have a big birthday bash, keep it more low-key, go on a trip, have a unique themed party? Are there any birthday rituals you normally do(not just your 30s)? I would love to hear them all and get inspired! 🥰

At 30 (and just last week, 31) I was still struggling to pay bills and find a survivable role, so anyone who is sending out surveys was doing better than me. I would have liked to just go on a trip by myself.
Ah, I feel you. Life sometimes just gets in the way – also here for you if you want to chat! ❤️Any ideas for where would you go on that trip?
Thank you - and probably Singapore. I have about 2 years of Chinese under my belt.
@MorganLucas Sending lots of love and hugs your way. I am here for a listen/chat if and when you need one.
Thank you!
Happy belated birthday!! Linking you to this if you want some inspo :) is the thief of joy and remember that life's not linear! You'll get to do that trip in Singapore sooner than you think!
@Josefina Yaay to turning 3-0 soon ! Sending survey and asking about yourself is a fantastic way to be more aware about yourself. I prefer simple birthdays and my 30th was pretty low key. Spent quality time with myself and my husband, just the way I like it :)
That sounds like a lovely birthday! I'm also a fan of simple birthdays – big celebrations are nice, but I've found that I don't really enjoy being the centre of attention. So I might take a similar approach as you :)
Omg I’m turning 30 too this year! And honestly I want a party. I want to celebrate with friends and family cos my twenties weren’t great and I’m more than happy to be entering another decade.
Happy early birthday! YES to a party!! Where would you like to do it?
That is a very unique idea! :) 30 is a special number, I just turned last year and have been loving it. I had already had a lot of plans that would happen that year such as getting married and going to my dream destination, Japan so I didn't do anything more for my birthday. I focused more on reflecting and re-aligning what I would like to achieve in the next 10 years. I love the idea of going on a self-date on my birthday! I might do this, this year :)
Oh I love this! I'm actually going to be in Japan for my birthday so I might also do a self-date on the day of. I'll be there with my boyfriend but I do like the idea of spending the day to be with myself.
I loved Japan! and it's such a solo-travel friendly place :) Hope you have a wonderful time!
I'm also turning 30 this year! My 20s were such a turbulent period (married, divorced, moved 3 times, lots of debt and struggle), that I am embracing the new decade, and all the opportunities that are beginning to line up for me. I think in terms of actually celebrating the event itself, I'm going to spend it with my partner, and probably do some drinks/dinner with my closest friends and supporters.I did consider doing a big bash, but I don't have that many people that I consider close friends anymore - a lot either drifted away or went with my ex when we split, so I'm keeping things intimate this year. I'd love to do a big trip, but that is going to have to wait, as my house deposit is my no. 1 financial priority now
I love that you are embracing the new decade, a new chapter . And I feel you on having a small friend group. A lot of my close friends have moved away,I love that you are embracing the new decade, a new chapter . And I feel you on having a small friend group. A lot of my close friends have moved away and I'll also be moving abroad this year so I think I'll be spending it with my partner and hopefully with any new friends we make!
the BEST is yet to come for you, Madison!!
I turned 30 in 2023, as did my closest friends! We took a group trip down to St. Martin for a week, booked a gorgeous villa and spent time hanging out, lounging on the beach, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. It was so worth the expense for that time together in a beautiful place! If you choose to take a birthday trip, send me a message. I’d be happy to plan and book for you - travel planning fee waived for your bday!
this sounds INCREDIBLE! Wait can I take you up on this for my birthday later this year haha
@iynna Yes, of course!! I’d love to plan your bday trip 🥳 I’ll send you a message. And my email is [email protected] 😇
OMG ♥️♥️♥️♥️ im so excited! We have 9 months to plan hahaha
Yay! Sent you a message ✈️🥰
Omg yay i received and will respond!!!
Aw that sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
Big year! I turned 30 in November and seriously grappled with how I wanted to spend the day, too. My birthday is a complicated mix of emotions because I share(d) the date with my dad who passed away in early 2020. Between the no/low socialization of the pandemic years and that emotional tangle, I had not done any form of celebration since I turned 26.However, I decided that it was important to reset my relationship with my birthday for the big 3-0. I designed a cute invite in Canva, invited my closest friends, and hosted a party at my apartment. For an activity, we all paired off and tried drawing each others' portraits without looking at the paper (harder than it sounds! and results are hilarious). Everyone then decided to draw me so I now have funny mementos from all my friends.
Katie, I am so sorry for your loss and the mixed emotions that come with your birthday :( I love what you did and that's such a way to ring your new decade!BTW when in Nov? Mine is 13!
YES José! So excited for you and welcome in advance to your best decade yet!! Love the idea of the survey, what would you like to get out of it? For my 30th which was in 2022, I ran the NYC marathon (well I did the week before turning 30), and then the weekend of my birthday I went to an EDM festival, and then my friends threw me a surprise dinner party, which was so thoughtful! I'd say don't put too much pressure on it, yes 30 is exciting but it's also just a number, I think what's most important is to nurture yourself during your entire year as a 30-year old and beyond (eg if you want a glowup and exercise more, you should just do that consistently, if you want to self-date, have a routine to do this once a week or a month or whatever works for you!) So excited to hear what you do!!
30 is exciting! I remembered being at work on my 30th birthday so don't be like me haha. Anyway, one thing I did and wish I had created one for every decade was "Building a 40 before 40 list". A list of 40 things/goals you want to do before turning 40 i.e learn to scuba dive or go to Italy. It is something to look forward to and good excuses to celebrate wins along the way. Obviously, the list can be altered as you go but you get the idea.Whatever you decided to do, hope you have a good one :)