Is leadership your way really possible?

I had two things pop up today that made me curious about women's initial reactions to hearing things like "find the way that works for you""focus on what makes you different"One was in reading elpha responses and seeing how many were encouraging people to find a way that works for them. The second was attending a [email protected] conference kickoff today where the keynote really focussed on how your difference is your superpower. There seems to be a big paradox between women wanting to know what "works" and finding their own way which would be completely different. Thoughts?
This is so interesting! I don't immediately see the two as contradicting statements. To me, finding what works for you is exactly going against the narrative of what conventionally works for everyone. It embraces your individual circumstances and whatever differences that may entail, and crafting your own way to succeed.
A long overdue thank you for your thoughts.