Are you a UX Designer open to work on projects?

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Reach out to She’s great!
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Hi Alina,That sounds exciting!!I would love to know more.Cheers,Linda
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Hi @alina2020,Thanks for the post. I’m a seasoned researcher trying to land more UX research work. I know you’re looking for Designers, but if you have need for a researcher, please let me know. All the best. Devin
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Hello, I will definitely keep you in mind as my needs may change! I appreciate you reaching out.
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Hi. I am interested. Send me a PM 😊
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Hi my name is kat! I’m definitely interested!
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Hi! Would love to learn more!
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Hi @alina2020 I don't know if you have found anyone yet, but I'm interested as well! I can share a portfolio if you need so.
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Hi Alina,The agency I work in could help you with your needs. Check out our work here:,Teresa