Hi 🙋‍♀️ I'm Bethany - a newbie

Hi, there!My name is Bethany Mark, and I am the Development & Marketing Coordinator for a private school in Eastern Washington. If we haven't met in person, thanks so much for stopping by a portion of my sliver of the internet to connect or reconnect. Born and raised on the west side of the state, an opportunity arose to move to the sunny desert, where I've learned to further grow and develop skills in sales, social media, marketing, and business management.In recently switching careers from property management to non-profit fundraising and advertising, I have learned that communicating the heart of a brand and mission goes farther in building connections with prospective customers and donors than traditional marketing methods.Three things I'm passionate about:- effective communication- healthy personal and professional relationships- discovering synergistic connectionsStrengthfinders Results: positivity, developer, futuristic, connectedness, wooI'd love to get to know you.

Welcome Bethany! We are happy to have you here!How did you hear about Elpha? :) And what is smth you'd want to get out of the platform/community?
Thank you! I heard about Elpha on TikTok. I am currently looking for a change of pace in my career. I love meeting new people and networking. As a firm believer that nothing is new under the sun, learning from others in a community format is inspiring. Excited to see where it leads, maybe even a role in a new industry!