Looking to connect with coaches / personal trainers / meditation instructors /

Hi Elpha!

My name is Noelle. I'm building a digital health and wellness platform. I'm doing customer discoveries, and looking to talk to coaches / personal trainers / meditation instructors, or anybody offering professional services online.

If you are interested and have 15 minutes, I would love to chat with you.

Really appreciate it!


@linoelle I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Health and Well-being Coach, however I do not currently offer professional services online. I am happy to chat and offer any information you may feel is helpful in your user research!
Would love to chat with you! I Just DM'ed you!
Hi Noelle! I am a Certified Transformational Coach. I'm not currently offering services online, but if I could be of any assistance, just let me know!
I'm dming you! thank you !!