Cultures that value quality of life

I'm curious - Who here works for businesses that value quality of life, that are actively curating a healthier work-life balance (or as I like to call it, life-work harmony)? Or have you witnessed this in others businesses, even if it's not your employer.

How do these spaces show you and encourage this way of being? How has it affected you, personally and professionally?

My previous employer did (a venture firm called Moxxie Ventures), Elpha which I've been working with for almost 4 years (celebrating my anni next month, WILD!), and my current venture firm also promote WLB!Flexibility, no micromanagement are huge non negotiables for me so it's something I screen for very early on!
I love that! It's so refreshing to hear about the spaces where it IS happening, when there are so many spaces not prioritizing it. Micromanagement...... Oof. That can be a BIG one. I'm so glad you've found (and continue to find) spaces that lift others up!
I completely agree with @iynna that flexibility and no micromanagement play a huge part in this. I’ve been lucky enough for my managers to always be flexible and there is a level of trust between the team and immediate management that allows us to have unofficial unlimited sick days and if you ever need to go our for a couple of hours, nobody really cares because we all know we’re responsible enough to not abuse this system.
That trust piece is SO incredibly important. What do you think it is in those spaces that helps create that sense of trust?
omg yes trust! it's so simple but can make a huge difference on one's experience!
I'm currently working for a small digital design and development agency that actively promotes work-like balance, mental health etc. Fully remote, they have an office in location in Europe for people who want to work from there. I found this opportunity after quitting an incredibly toxic job that made me develop an autoimmune disease. At the time I didn't have anything lined up, but enough savings, so I chose my health and hoped everything would work for the better. Of course it's not perfect, we do have to deal with stressful times and clients that have toxic cultures, specially corporate ones, but it makes a world of difference to have support and backup from the agency to deal with those. I think the biggest contributor to toxic cultures are unfortunately the employees that accept the treatment and don't speak up. I understand not everyone can quit without another job, but I believe we have more power than we imagine, specially in the tech sector, to demand change.
I LOVE how intentional you were about finding something that was a better fit, after experiencing the negative impact in toxic spaces. And......."the employees that accept the treatment and don't speak up" - That part! I know it's scary speaking up. I think we often forget that change doesn't generally happen unless someone advocates for it. And being the first can be BIG scary, but so worth it. I'm so glad to hear there are those out there experiencing a healthier, more holistic way of being. That's a win!