Start Up Company looking for a CTO

Want to make a difference in saving people lives? POM (The Peace of Mind Company) builds sophisticated devices that help college kids and healthcare workers alike feel safe. With a touch of a button, the POM Safe device helps people in need by leveraging a proprietary white glove 911 service. POM Safe which is on 40+ college campuses and in over 20+ hospital systems, has saved lives, has alleviated those in uncomfortable situations, and has the capability to act as a companion when walking alone at night or to your car.

Our team is looking for a dynamic CTO who can manage our hardware, software, and firmware resources to collaborate effectively to continue delivering a best of breed product while holding direct reports responsible for their roles. If any of the above excites you, please reach out to me directly [email protected] and I can share the JD with you.


Amy Kalokerinos

Hi, check to get matched with potential co-founders.
Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, I'm not looking for a Co-Founder but a CTO