sustainable development focused community

Hi there!I'm looking for a digital community, a FB group, a slack group... that shares ideas and knowledge on how to tackle the UN SDG goals. Does anyone know of any? Or, where do you go to discuss/support new ideas in this space? Thanks for your time :)
Following this thread as I have looked for something similar!While not SDG-specific, there is a Circular Design Guide group on LinkedIn that might be of interest. not sure if B Lab has created any sort of community around its SDG Action Manager, but that might be another thread to explore.
Not sure if you're in school, but Enactus (it's a college club) focuses on building UN SDG goals through sustainable businesses. You start a real, profitable company in Enactus with the goal to address one of the UN SDG goals: Then you compete with other countries to see who can create the biggest social impact. The winner this year, Enactus Egypt, brought in a revenue of $5.5m USD. There's a great culture of collaboration, so even if you're not in school, you can reach out to your local college Enactus. I'm part of Enactus too, so if you wanted to talk about UN SDG goals with me, DM me! :)