Moving to London, any Elphas in Digital Health and Femtech?

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Hi Nicole! You should check out some co working spaces. I'm at google for startups and there are a bunch of super cool female led companies there. I'd be happy to introduce you to some.
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Hi Leona, thanks so much for the kind offer and so exciting to hear you're at Google for Startups. I would love to connect - I'll send you a DM
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Hi Nicole, welcome to London! I run a female founders network called Found & Flourish, we have some great female founders within our community and we meet up monthly, join us :) We host loads of amazing women including founders of start-ups such as a period tracking watch, a fem-health business and a sex tech start-up. Happy to introduce you to any you feel may be relevant. Also, as Leona says, co-working spaces are a great place to meet people. Huckletree are partners of ours and they're a hub of start-up/female talent.
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Hi Lara, that sounds fantastic! I'll send you a DM.
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Hi Nicole, happy to grab a coffee in the new year. Drop me a DM then. Have a good move!
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Hi Nicole, welcome to London! I used to work at a healthcare consultancy, now in AI Policy. Happy to have a coffee and a chat if that's helpful!
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Hi Nicole!Sounds very exciting!!If you need a new office for London I would love to help you find one!!Our service is free to you and the level of delivery and fulfilment is demonstrable through previous transactions. From start to finish, we will make the process as simple and painless as possible. Let’s get in touch when the time is right and I will be delighted to discuss your strategy and what I believe will be possible. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but the upside could well be significant.