We’ve spent hundreds of hours supporting Elphas in their job searches. Here’s what we’ve learned!

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Woohoo! Awesome insights :)
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LOVE this Robin! This is my first job search in the tech industry and it's super fun - like you said, you really get the chance to explore and learn about what's out there/what's up and coming!
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Hi Robin, It's fantastic that Elpha has taken such an active and needed role in the careers of their members. This is a very important step in ensuring that women are getting the roles in tech that they deserve. I'd like to talk to you about the nonprofit work I am doing-- my company is helping women and other underserved groups get career jobs in tech. My community is coming from community colleges, state universities, programs include computer science, etc. I'd love there to be an on-ramp for them into joining Elpha....If you are interested in discussing: jocelyndegraham@gmail.comOtherwise, keep up the great work!J
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Such a brilliant post @robinquattle. I loved this one in particular "Develop a positive attitude and be your own cheerleader." :) we do need to be!Truly appreciate your and elpha's efforts in helping the community, especially when it comes to finding jobs.
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@robinquattle I had a thought: Have you also considered co-founder matching? Since you're tech-heavy, one thing I see here in Houston is many brilliant women with great business concepts who are non-tech founders looking for tech-co-founders. Not being in the Valley, they don't have access to the great coders, architects and engineers or executives they need to build what could be great businesses, (since women are such expert problem solvers). Even YC is not really doing this - they said they were but then there was never any follow-up info. Give it some thought and thanks!
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Love this idea! I have heard of a company doing this exact thing and the name of it is escaping it right now - I'll look into it and send you the name when I find it :)
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Great - def'ly following.