Boutique Deep Tech B2B Firm Looking to Pick up 1-2 Clients

We love working with women owned and led companies, that's why Im posting this here :)

At Formulatedby, we're not just about creating events and strategies; we specialize in propelling early tech and deep-tech startups (focusing on AI/ML/Cloud) towards significant growth milestones. Our client roster includes industry giants like AWS and IBM, alongside thriving startups such as John Snow Labs, Galileo, Verta, Bigeye, and more established companies, like Domino, and Plotly. Impressively, all our clients have successfully advanced to their next funding round under our partnership.

Our approach is twofold: we lead with a strong experiential strategy and utilize a conversation-driven approach to demand generation, tailor-made for the tech ecosystem. This dual strategy not only enhances brand engagement but also solidifies the market positioning of our clients.

DM me if interested