What would your dream workplace look like in 50 years?

I've been given a brief that asks me to visualise how I see the future of work in 2071. Over and above any VR headsets, I wanted to showcase a world in which women had an equal seat at the table.

I'd love your help to give me your ideas on what your dream workplace would look like in 50 years. Anything from genderless avatars to breastfeeding in board meetings. Tell me in the comments the most ridiculous things that you could only dream of having in your current workplace.

The work will be promoted to a large audience so who knows? Maybe this can help inspire change!

Thank you in advance!

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If we survive the climate crisis it will be by changing the way we do just about everything. That side, worker productivity has nearly doubled in the past 50 years. In 50 more we should all be working about a day and a half per week.
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👏 love this logic "In 50 more we should all be working about a day and a half per week." :D
Why 50 years and not 10? Is there a specific reason? Realistically, 1 year (rn) = 5 year; 10 years (rn) = 50 years. 🤖
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There won’t be workplaces in 50 years because the machines take care of all of it and what they can’t do we can do from anywhere! And yes, only actually working for a couple of days a week because honestly what else are we trying to build here if not the option to do art instead of make money?!