Hiring for Customer Growth @ Series B Logistics Tech Company Leaf Logisticshttps://jobs.lever.co/leaflogistics/e5adb2ac-0015-4156-af96-73831feaf806

Come join the marketing team at Leaf Logistics! We just closed a $37M Series B  and did 10X revenue in the last year, so we're poised for growth! I'm looking for someone with B2B marketing experience to build out and lead our customer growth marketing to expand our footprint with existing customers and lead account based marketing with prospects.

Supply Chain is a frequent topic of conversation these days for good reason. Empty shelves and shipping delays have shown a light on an industry that is ready for innovation. That's where Leaf comes in. We are on a mission to upend the way companies buy and sell logistics transportation. Every year, billions of dollars, hundreds of megatons of carbon and millions of person-hours are wasted because the companies who ship goods and the companies who carry them aren’t upfront about their needs and abilities. Leaf technology is solving this problem by using machine learning to run the industry more efficiently. Our long term vision is to become the air traffic control for the logistics industry.

Join our team! You'll be the second member of the marketing team, joining a growing company early on to make an impact and accelerate your career. We are a team of experienced, smart, and mildly disagreeable troublemakers who like taking on unreasonably big challenges; we know how to build things, we’ve lived what’s broken in this industry, and we’re looking for bright, ambitious people to help us drag the transportation world kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

If this sounds like it might be of interest, apply here or reach out to me: https://jobs.lever.co/leaflogistics/e5adb2ac-0015-4156-af96-73831feaf806