Should I stay in the city or move to the suburbs?

Hi Elphas- my partner and I moved to Lisbon, Portugal in August 2021 (previously in Chicago). We both work remote for American companies and chose this city for people, food, nature, proximity to his family in Europe, and lifestyle. We are loving it here.

We intend on having children in 2022 and are deciding whether we should continue renting in the city or buy a house in the suburbs.


- houses in the burbs are spacious and affordable, and also beautiful

- closer to beaches and nature

- large yards for our 2 dogs

- good international schools for kids

- more of an investment rather than spending 3500EUR on rent each month


- not knowing many people in the city and then becoming more isolated

- not near restaurants, cafes, shops that I enjoy about the city and have yet to explore

- would need to invest in a car to get around and/or go back to the city when needed

We are in our late 20s, early 30s. Is it too soon to leave the city? We could raise kids in the city, meet people, and then move out there in a couple years. If we move now, will we miss out on friendship and all the city has to offer? Hoping some of you have done or thought about the same things and would love advice.