A slack app to keep you active all day

I was a track and field athlete in college. I would show up to practice every day. I expected the habit to continue after I graduated and joined the workforce. That was not the case. It was REALLY HARD for me to show up at the gym after work. After some soul searching I concluded it must been the accountability I was getting from my teammates that made me show up to practice every day. I tried to re-create that at my workplace. I bought an hour glass and every hour, I would get as many of my colleagues to do 10 pushups with me. I didn't like pushups per se, but it seemed like the most decent exercise in an office. At one point I got my entire company, 250 people. to do it me.Now that everything is remote, I built a slack app that does the same thing. We have tournaments, challenges, workout routines and so much more. It free for any team with a slack account to install. My current routine is 10 pushups, 10 squats and 20 jumping jacks every hour, 8 times a day.