The 15 #mindset rules that I've developed building my company

Over the last 1.5 years, I've built the first language learning tech company for advanced learners.

Sounds great, right?

Not until recently. I made every mistake imaginable.

👉 My biggest challenge was getting my mindset right.

Here are the 15 #mindset rules that I've developed:

✅ 1. Get started.

Don't seek validation. People will call you crazy, say it won't work, or wouldn't pay attention.

Remember: Other people's opinions don't matter

Just take the first step. It'll be the bravest thing to do.

✅ 2. Don't give up too soon

Sounds simple, I know, but it isn’t.

Some days you’ll on top of the world, most days you’ll feel everything's breaking.

Whatever it takes, try to make today a bit better than yesterday.

✅ 3. Be your authentic self

Know yourself, inside and out.

There’s nothing more effective than a courageous, self-aware, and authentic founder.

✅ 4. Work on your self-talk

Tell yourself:

“I love what I do”

“My work is important. Both to me - and to others”

✅ 5. Collaborate with uncomfortably good people

I started with no prior experience in running a tech company.

I reached out to people WAY out of my league and picked their brains.

It’s the best way to mature fast.

✅ 6. See failure as the road to success

To get 10x outcomes, you have to take 10x risks.

If you fail, learn fast and move on.

✅ 7. Don't fall in love with failure

Embrace failure but be mindful - risks costs a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Try to be right as often as you can!

✅ 8. Learn to diminish risk

Risks are inevitable. Risk cannot be avoided.

Ask the right questions - this will diminish risk.

✅ 9. Keep your health in checkPrioritize yourself. Eat on-time. Exercise regularly.If you function at your best - so your company will.

✅ 10. Sometimes compromising on your health is ok

Still, there will be days you’ll exhaust yourself.

Don’t let frustration take over your mind.

Focus on recovery!

✅ 11. Be creative

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” - Einste

✅ 12. Boring is better if it works

Keep an eye on what works. Sometimes, it won’t be the most creative way.

If something works, don’t think too much, just repeat.

✅ 13. Have high integrity

Stick to your commitments and work in alignment with your values.

Only when you are truthful about what you value and want - you can build trust - within your team and with the customers.

✅ 14. Don't be too harsh on yourself

Remember you are learning. Trust the process.

✅ 15. Things take time

You’re in for a long haul, keep the focus on the big picture.

Live and breathe your vision.

And that's all! Building a company is tough - wherever you are in your journey, I admire you.

I hope my these 15 mindset rules will add value to you as much as they've for me.

I still reflect on all of them every single day ☺️

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