Hi y'all! 👋

I'd love to organize an elpha meetup in Oakland in the coming weeks.

I put together a Doodle to figure out the timing. If you're interested, please let me know which dates/times work for you:

Thanks y'all! Ideally I'd like to have it near a BART station so that people can access it more easily. I have a few location ideas, but if you have some too - please write in a comment!


So so fun! Tagging a few members who might be interested in joining@lizsdregas @evacreder @Dom (might still be in the area?)
Darn, I can't do any of those days :(Looking froward to the next one.
Tagging folks who had responded to our earlier post about this! @cadran, @etalonkristina, @lizsdregas, @michellesmanifesto, @hadia, @sarapprobst, @dpoleski, @ReginaMoore, @rocio
Thanks for tagging me! I submitted the Doodle 😃
Thanks. Added mine too.
I added myself to the list!
I look forward to attending!
I've added my doodle. So nice it's in the E Bay! Here's my podcast for women careerists if you all want to check interviews on tech, media, film. Snippet:
Okay y'all. We have a time and a place! 🎉Please RSVP here: