Failure has taught me more than success ever could - Aniyia Williams, Black and Brown FoundersFeatured

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Hi Elphas – as a reminder – this is part of our public posts series sharing conversations with women across tech on the topic of #careergrowth. Aniyia, thank you for sharing with us!Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
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Hi Aniyia, I'm been following your work for a few years now and you're amazing. Being able to share that failure is not a terrible thing is huge and I think many people will benefit from hearing that. Personally, I think we as humans naturally are brought up to fear failure - from the school system pushing us to get straight "A's" or parents wanting to see the very best in their child. But at the end of the day, failure is how we learn. Failure is how we keep moving forward knowing what doors not to open because they won't lead us down the path we want to go on. Lastly, failure allows us to be aware and accept that your business actually won't work out because there's no market need and thankfully will allow you to move on. Without failing, we'll just keep harping on moments or situations or opportunities that won't get us very far. With failure, we can succeed and become our very best selves in the aspects of life most important to us. Thanks for your post, it was great to read this to start off my Monday.
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Thank you! <3
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I don't have questions, just wanted to add a positive comment thanking you for sharing your story. Thank you :D
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Aniyia, just want to say, I've read your story and believe you are far from a failure. I've worked in tech over a decade and have witnessed so many people scraping by, faking their roles, but without the desire to learn the ropes. They want the easy way out to a title. You are a true success and an undeniable role model. The startup scene can use more humble people like you.
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Thank you for the kind words, Farren! I'm feeling the love over here.
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"Failure has taught me so much more than success ever could. Luckily, I fail at things all the time. What saves me is confidence in myself, which reminds me that failure is not always an indication of ability or potential."A complete mood. Thank you for sharing.
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When i read your short bio i thought to myself, she is a total success how is it possible that she has ever failed? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot to me to learn from great women!
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Hi Aniyia,This has blown me away, the breath of honestly in every word pen above has moved me. The road to personal success is long and arduous. The light you share helps others to step out of the shadows. Thanks so much tell us your truth. Like you, but for a few additional circumstances, adversity/failure has come due to prejudice & sabotage. Through it all, I give thanks. The winning formula you put so aptly, it's all about mindset - "failure is simply a way of learning how NOT to do something." but has "has taught me so much more than success ever could". I've much about myself as well as dealing with others.Thank you so much for sharing. Keep being the advocate & tech champion that you are. All that you do and are doing (you are doing a lot, kudos & power to you!) fuels others to be active in furthering the change we wish to see in the world.
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Thank you! <3